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Music Maniac Pro – Download Latest Version 2017

Music Maniac Pro is a one of a kind music app which gives you the power to download and listen to your songs whenever you want them to despite being offline or whenever you do not have a stable internet connection. Music Maniac Pro for Android is one of the very best mp3 music downloaders available for the Android market, which allows you to download any song you like without any of the copyright issues. Think of Music Maniac Pro as a search engine for music, it refines its search until it gets the exact song you are searching for. It is highly recommended that you download Music Maniac Pro on your new Android smartphone.

Music Maniac Pro Apk Download – Best Mp3 Downloader 2017

Music Maniac Pro
Music Maniac Pro

Music Maniac Pro apk falls in the category of best music mp3 downloaders for Android. You are probably wondering why I am stressing so much on this music app. Read along and you will realize that Music Maniac Pro app is not like any other music app you have used until now. Most of the Android users use the Android operating system and an Android device as more than a device to make calls, including me, more as a music player rather than to make calls. I being a music lover myself know all the things you look in a music player. You can be rest assured that Music Maniac Pro exceed your expectations.

Correct me if I am wrong, most of us audiophiles prefer to use a music app which does not consume our time navigating through its different menus and just do the things with ease. Music Maniac Pro does exactly that, it provides easy navigation. Do not make the mistake to confuse Music Maniac Pro with any other music app you had to experience an ordeal with. This app is the only app in the music genre which has such a large database of songs from every genre to download from and listen to. With its easy to use and easy to navigate design you would think that this app is like just any other music app you have ever used, do not fall prey to this negative thought because Music Maniac Pro is packed with a Powerhouse within it.


Why Music Maniac Pro App?


Music Maniac Pro makes it easy for you the job of searching and downloading a particular song, you would argue that searching on Google will be a simpler alternative. But think of it this way, how many times have this scenario has occurred to you that when you listen to a particular song of an artist and then it reminds you of another masterpiece from the app, at times like you can just search from the search bar of the app and the results will pop up right after in few mili seconds and you can download it just by touching it and have offline access to the track, which means you can listen to the track even if you do not have access to the internet.

The format in which the tracks get downloaded is the standard MP3 format, which is widely used. The best thing about Music Maniac Pro is that you have a large database of songs to choose, listen and download for free of cost. You can also go with similar apps or Music maniac pro alternative mp3 downloaders like Music Paradise pro.


Is Music Maniac Legal?


With Music Maniac Pro Apk, you can search and download for any CC Licensed, Copyrighted songs, which in other words means you can download the tracks legally and don’t have to feel like a pirate or a hijacker or as if you are stealing someone else’s music property. Extra bonus: you can also download tracks from

Any type of legal songs whether it is Copyleft or CC Licensed, you can easily download with music maniac. Meaning you can download music legally and save it to your SD card without any problems or feelings of guilt for highjacking someone’s  music. is such a legal source that anyone can download legal music for free and enjoy it!


Download Music Maniac Pro Apk For Android 2017


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Features of Music Maniac Pro;


Built in Music Equalizer– Built in Music Equalizer so that you need not download any other app for that purpose. It has equalizer functions like Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal, Classical, Folk and also Headphones settings.

Supports almost every audio formats: Music Maniac Pro MP3 Player supports all popular sound formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC etc.

Best-in-class music search engine: Music Maniac Pro features the best in class music search engine compares to other music apps. Even if you don’t remember the exact title of your song, you can still search them by entering the name of the artist, album name etc.

Bass boost & Virtualizer effect: With professional audio technology and drivers specially designed and Bass Boost system Music Maniac Pro takes Music experience to another level.

Quick Search: Quick search all your favorite music from your local phone memory or SD card memory and also from the internet.

Music Maniac Pro Apk DOwnload
Music Maniac Pro Apk DOwnload

Play by folder: This functionality allows you to play songs by your chosen folder.

Sleep Timer: If you have the habit of listening to songs while falling asleep in the night, then we are very much alike. You don’t have to worry about the battery drain anymore because Music Maniac Pro will take care of this issue by allowing you to set a timer, after which Music Maniac Pro will automatically switch off. I usually set it to half an hour.

Visualizations: Music Maniac Pro offers several different visualizations to choose from. So enjoy by selecting a visualization of your own choice.

Lyrics: Music Maniac Pro supports floating lyrics functionalities, which means that you can learn the lyrics of your new favorite songs and impress your friends and family.

Simple, Easy UI: Music Maniac Pro welcomes new users pretty well as it sports a simple to use and easy to learn interface which is easy to use for senior citizens and youngsters alike.



Music Maniac Pro app requires is an internet connection and an Android device, that also means that it is compatible with all Android devices. I have myself downloaded about a dozen of music apps and i found Music Maniac Pro apk the best of them all.